Maxview Mobile WI-FI

Introducing Maxview Roam, a powerful mobile Wi-Fi solution designed to provide uncompromised internet connectivity, even in remote and rural locations.

Our powerful roof mount antenna has been designed to maximise 3G/4G signal. Coupled with the router, this creates a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle. Unlike other products, the Roam can also receive Wi-Fi sources, so you are only using data when necessary. 

Maxview Roam - Mobile 3G/4G Wi-Fi System Powerful Antenna – A powerful roof mount Antenna that has been designed specifically for campervans, motorhomes and caravans and optimised to work in rural and remote locations.

The Router - Our powerful router receives 3G/4G and turns these into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot. As a secondary source, the router can also be set up to receive Wi-Fi. This means 3G/4G data is only used when necessary.

Powerful Antenna - Our powerful roof mount Antenna has been designed specifically for vehicles and optimised to work in rural and remote locations.

Omni-Directional - By receiving signals throughout 360 degrees, the Roam requires no manual directional adjustment; simply fit and forget.

Factory Unlocked for any SIM - The router is designed to work with any data service provider, alongside your choice of Pay As You Go or monthly contract, so you can use whatever network works best for you.

Antenna Specifications - to 2700MHz (3G/4G)
Housing: Aluminium Base. UV Stable ASA Cover
Dimensions: ø: 196mm x H: 65mm
Weight: 500

Router Specifications - Router Type: 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
Compatible Speeds: Up to 150Mps
SIM: Unlocked
Housing: Aluminium
Dimensions: H: 83 x W: 74 x D: 25mm
Weight: 125g